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Woman's Day

Date: 08th March 2019

Venue: Across Navi Mumbai

Women's Day celebrated by OBGY dept, Terna medical college, NMOGS and Food, Drugs and Surgical instruments committee FOGSI.

Skit was performed regarding importance of cancer screening.
Charts were put up for all aspects.. menstrual hygiene, contraception, symptoms of CA cervix, breast CA and pap smear.

Terna Physiotherapy College also put up charts for importance of Keigels,, antenatal and postnatal exercises.

Dr Jyoti Bobe, Women's Day Celebration in my hospital. We did CBC,HBA1C ,Thyroid Function Tests,Lipid profile. USG WHOLE ABDOMEN AND BREAST SCREENING COUNSELING of these 40plus patients. Along with Beauty and Nutrition Tips. Attended by 57pts. Part of NMOGS Activity.

Had a woman's day talk in Vashi to a wonderful Audience . Topics were PCOD, DIET and Nutrition,Gynaec and Breast cancers, cervical cancer vaccination, Menopause,and Breast self examination and overall women's health..very nice experience..