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Updates 2018 - 21st Annual Conference of Navi Mumbai Ob-Gyn Soc.

Date: 29th-30th Sep 2018
Venue: Hotel Four Point Shereton, Vashi

Dear Friends, NMOGS is poised to discuss another topic which is affecting all spheres of life, be it health , economy, sociology or even science. It is the alarmingly increasing rates of unnecessary Caesareans which are assuming global proportions.

The never ending debate between science and commerce of medicine continues to haunt the clinicians. Though at personal level each one is striving to lower C section rate, unless we collectively think over the issue, deliberate and decide an action plan for our maternity practice, this problem is going to grow to bigger and bigger and assume gigantic dimensions Audits and standardised documentation of all deliveries is the need of the hour for proper identification of ‘indications’ and formulating corrective actions and policies.

Lets all come together and understand newer research in the field of safe obstetrics and translate it in our day to day practice.An in-depth understanding of Art and Science of Natural Birth crucial to concept of Safe Birth.
This leads to timely decisions which are in the right interest of the patient as well as the clinician.....thus maintaining the delicate balance of Natural and Caesarean births. On the other extreme no labor can be safe if we’re not adequately prepared for the probable blood loss. This spells our preparedness to combat PPH.

Let’s come together and discuss how we can arm ourselves with the available resources and manpower in our own setups to fight this cold killer.

So let’s march together towards safe and natural deliveries and pave a paradigm shift from the present..........

............let’s begin from Navi Mumbai.